“Journalism is what we need to make a democracy work” - Walter Cronkite

Communication and dissemination of knowledge is essential for a Nation’s development and a crucial role is played by MEDIA , which acts as a catalyst in making the communication more effective, prompt, accessible and affordable with an outreach to the outermost social periphery. With a fast changing global scenario, the definition of journalism has been broadening in India too.

In the current context, where mainstream media highlights only sensational subjects and political issues for TRPs, Development Agriculture Journalism in both electronic as well as print media is paving a way for the unheard, but essentially meaningful, voices of Experts, Farmers, Scientists, Policy and Decision Makers. In an agrarian nation like India, it is imperative to strengthen this fourth pillar of democracy for agriculture and rural development.

KRISHI JAGRAN GROUP of publications has been recognized by the LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS for the largest circulation, maximum number of languages and highest readership. With excellence in knowledge dissemination since more than two and a half decades, the group caters to our rural & farming communities with latest updates from the agriculture and allied sectors. Krishi Jagran is the undisputed leader in Digital and Social media platforms in Agri domain with 23 monthly magazine editions, almost a million visitors daily on our websites, 800,000 views daily on YouTube agri news channels and a Facebook page reach of more than 230 million every month.

We feel delighted in presenting the creatively revamped and re-structured version of Krishi Jagran’s English magazine, AGRICULTURE WORLD. With thought provoking, peer reviewed interventions from eminent Global Stalwarts of the sector, we envision creating cyclopedias on pertinent subjects that will feature novel innovations, government policies, the very dynamic agriculture industry, brain storming dialogues on critical concerns, new products and services for farmers and professionals.

Contrary to most media forums that are affected by ideological mindsets and contorted realities, Agriculture World promises to feature meaningful insights, latest updates, unexplored horizons, untapped potential and opportunities, new perspectives for smart professionals, global market scenario, networking possibilities with key stakeholders along with an access to your target audience for advertorials and advertisements.

Mamta Jain

Mamta Jain

Editor & CEO
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