NS Tomar

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar

Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture & Farmers Walfare

There was a time when there was talent in our country and we were not able to recognize it. There was no environment to showcase their talent and dynamic youngsters were forced to go abroad, but today it is not so. Prime Minister Shri Modi grasped this situation and created a positive environment in the country, due to which not only India but the whole world has changed. Before 2014, there used to be only 31-32 Startups in the country, but today their number has increased to more than 6,500. In the Agriculture sector alone, their number is above 2,000. Today the whole world is recognizing the power of India and also accepting its stature.


By terming Millets as Shree Anna, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave the "Miracle Food" a new meaning & dimension. International Year of Millets (IYM) – 2023 will provide an opportunity to increase global production, efficient processing and better use of crop rotation and promote millets as a major component of the food basket. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is working in mission mode to increase millet production and consumption in collaboration with other Central Ministries, all State Governments and other stakeholders.

ICAR, Universities & Industry

From farmers to the Industry, all should work together to strive for excellence in agriculture. If feedback is received on how industry can apply the research done by ICAR, how to take it forward by complementing each other, what does the industry, working at the grassroots level want, then the delivery will improve. The importance of our agricultural products has increased in the world. It is everyone's responsibility to ensure that the quality of our products is good. The shortcomings or gaps in this sector need to be filled, as well as how India can achieve excellence in the agriculture sector. While facing the current international challenges, everyone from farmers to industry should work together in that direction.

Students & Youth

Students & Youth should contribute to make Agriculture more remunerative and make villages more prosperous. Prime Minister Modi constantly emphasizes that we should not only make the present beautiful, but also make India a developed nation by the time we celebrate the centenary of India’s Independence, this is a golden and historic opportunity for India. It is the responsibility of the new generation to take advantage of it. The future of the country in 2047 should be such that India becomes the torchlight to the world.


Nearly Rs 127 crore released for Kisan Drone promotion. This includes Rs. 52.5 crores released to ICAR for purchase of 300 Kisan Drones and organizing their demonstrations on the farmers’ fields in 75000 hectares through 100 KVKs, 75 ICAR institutions and 25 SAUs. It also includes funds released to various State Governments for supply of more than 300 Kisan Drone to farmers on subsidy and establishment of more than 1500 Kisan Drone CHCs to provide drone services to the farmers. The use of Kisan Drones has a potential to provide ample opportunities of employment to people in rural areas.


SATHI (Seed Traceability, Authentication, and Holistic Inventory) portal will prove to be revolutionary in the Agriculture sector. Government of India is constantly trying to overcome the challenges and difficulties faced by the sector through various schemes and programs. Seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation play a major role in agriculture. Inferior quality or spurious seeds affect the growth of agriculture. This causes loss to the farmers and affects agricultural production of the country. We should devise a system so that the market of spurious seeds is checked and quality seeds reach the farmers. SATHI portal is an important step in this direction.

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